We are a group of young people who were gathered in one company from different information technology companies (Security, Networking, Retail). Because of the vast experience of each person of our team we became one the fastest growing computer information companies in the region. This expanding is due to the experience, harmony , hardworking of our team. Our company is built on sharing and fair treatment for all employees and customers
V-tech is our third company in the group, after PETRA ltd in Poland and AOS Software in Jordan. V-tech is specialized in two areas: Security and Networking systems, Software and hardware solutions for POS and warehousing systems in retail and hospitality. And it is also specialized in secure fiscal vat systems solutions with high cryptographic tools. We are the first group specialized in secure fiscal systems solutions in the Middle East. Our experience goes back to 1998 in Europe, where we established our first company PETRA ltd, later in 2003 we established AOS company in Middle East in Jordan. In year 2008 we expanded our work and we established V-tech ltd in Jordan which is a representative for many factories in the Region. In 2010 we established Valuable Engineering Technology company in Saudi Arabia, which specialized in Security and network systems.
V-Tech’s primary mission is to provide high quality products and services in affordable costs to our customers along with professional after sales support through qualified team of engineers and technicians, and most importantly respecting their warranties, maintenance and sales agreement.